The Montgomery County Cable TV Advisory Committee will play a crucial role in deciding who will win the country's valuable franchise. Without the committee's recommendation, a firm has little chance of being selected.

Sixteen names out of 45 applicants for the advisory committee have been recommended to County Executive Charles W. Gilchrist. The 45 applicants are: Paul B. D'Ari, National Citizens Committee for Broadcasting. Richard Eaton, president, The United Broadcasting Co. Inc. David Cosson, attorney. Susan di Rende, Gilbert & di Rende Video Productions. Elwood L. Bland, U.S. Department of Education. D. Warren Donohue, attorney. William P. Kilroy, Naval Ship R & D Center. Emanuel Fthenakis, American Satellite Corp. Thomas E. Dooley, Eastern Video Systems Inc. Albert Feiner, National Institute of Education. Herbert W. Gilsdorf, City Administrator. Kathleen L. Carmody, attorney. Ronald E. Meininger, Chief, Audiovisual Information, National Bureau of Standards. Michael Grace, Director of Public Relations, AFL-CIO. Marion Hayes Hull, Booker T. Washington Foundation. Arnold D. Wallace, Director of University Relations at Howard University. Robert F. Carbone, Professor, University of Maryland. Adolph J. Koenig, U.S. Department of Commerce. Edward B. Leviton, Federal Trade Commission. Earl Henderson, Chief, Communications Bureau, National Library of Medicine. Jeffrey A. Krauss, M/A COM Inc. Robert N. Stearns, Federal Railroad Administration. Alex M. McKinney Jr., Systems Research Co. John V. Harrington, Senior Vice President Research and Development and Director, COMSAT Laboratories. Preston R. Padden, attorney. George E. Sauer, National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Robert C. Mohar, Principal Staff, ORI, Logistics Systems & Readiness Division. Terry B. Thomas, Program Manager, UHI. Max A. Schindler, NBC News. Roald A. Schrack, National Bureau of Standards. Jeanell J. Hines, The Arbitron Co. Sam Pizzigati, AFSCME. Robert J. Leigh, National Telephone Cooperative Association. James P. Goeden, President, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce. Theodore A. Miller, attorney. Steven L. Willner, attorney. Maria C. Siccardi, Wilson Center of Washington, D.C. Christopher J. Davis, Prince George's Community College. Joseph C. Fields, American Farm Bureau Federation. Charles L. Wagner, NASA Headquarters. William B. Cooper, Control Data Corp. William T. Patterson, COMSAT. Bette Susan Brott, Department of Technology, University of Maryland. Fred E. Nathanson, Technology Service Corp.