Lisa Donohoo, 21, who was convicted by a jury in May of unlawfully entering a Southeast abortion clinic to stage a protest, was sentenced yesterday by a D.C. Superior Court judge to 30 days in jail.

Last month Judge Robert A. Shuker sentenced Donohoo to six months in jail, but agreed to suspend the sentence and place her on probation if she would promise not to violate any laws.

The sentencing in July was continued for a month after Donohoo told the judge she would not go along with his proposed conditions of probation.

Before he imposed sentence yesterday, Judge Shuker asked Donohoo to express her position on the probation terms.

"I still have the same difficulty I had before," Donohoo, an honors graduate of Catholic University, told the judge. "I would like probation, but I can't accept it."

Shuker then sentenced Donohoo to 30 days and ordered that she spend only nights behind bars and be released each day to go to her job as a clerk with an antiabortion political group.

Donohoo, of 13305 Thyme Ct., Germantown, was one of 13 prolife demonstrators arrested on Dec. 28, 1978 at the Hillcrest Abortion Clinic at 3230 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.

Eleven of the protestors have since pleaded guilty to unlawful entry. But Donohoo and Jack Pelikan, 31, chose to go to trial in the case. Pelikan was convicted on May 5 and placed on probation.