Next week will mark the beginning of another school year in the District. Staff writer Edward D. Sargent and photographer John Dwyier asked District high school students, recent graduates and parents if they were satisfied with their schools. Cynthia Blue, 18, a 1980 Wilson High School graduate: "The teachers are all right. The students' attitudes need changing. They need to listen to their teachers." Daniel Harrison, 16, McKinley High School senior: "Yes. McKinley is one of the best schools in D.C. because we have a saved (Christian) principal and he's putting God first. A lot of the students are saved, too. They want to help the teachers cut out a lot of stuff like the gambling, smoking and fighting." James Young, D.C. guardian of two elementary school students: "I think the kids are getting short-changed. There are too many students in the classrooms and not enough teachers. The teachers are going to have to deal with the exceptional students and the slow ones in the same classroom. That's difficult for any one person." Tomi Rucker, 17, Coolidge High School senior: "No. They don't have enough teachers and they're trying to take out sports and the arts. The teachers don't care about the students. Some teachers tell students that 'I've got mine, you've got yours to get.' Teachers should have to take competency tests." Mattie Alston, mother of a McKinley junior: "No. My son had two F's last grading period and they passed him to the 11th grade anyway. Most teachers don't take the time to inform parents of what's going on with the students." Louise Harrison, mother of a McKinley senior: "I'm not satisfied with the school system. A shortage of teachers is a problem. My main concern is the laying off of teachers, which I feel will hinder the learning process of our kids." Rachel Mosely, 16, Cardoza-High School sophomore: "D.C. public schools don't give you a good education. The teachers pass you whether you learn the material or not." Francine Savage, 16, Ballou High School junior: "I'm satisfied with the math-science program at Ballou. It's an accelerated program. I like it because it's challenging. The teachers are specially picked for the program; they're pretty good."