Eleven Metrobus routes serving District of Columbia riders will be changed beginning Sunday, Aug. 31 and Tuesday, Sept. 2.

For information on these or other Metrobus route changes, call Metro at 657-2437. Following are the affected routes. Routes 38A and 38B (Ballston-Union Station-Visitor Center Line)

New Saturday and Sunday schedules will operate with trips every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes. Routes 82,28(/), 84 and 86 (Maryland Line)

Sunday trips will originate or terminate at Rhode Island Avenue station during the Metrorail operating hours. Route B6 will replace the discontinued portions of these routes. Route B6 (Eckington Line)

Route will operate between Rhode Island Avenue and Metro Center during Sunday Metrorail operating hours to replace the discontinued portions of routes 82,82(/), 84 and 86. Route B9 (Carter Barron Parking Lot Service)

Effective Sept. 2, this line will be eliminated. Route G2 (P Street-LeDroit Park Line)

New Sunday schedules will be operated, with no service before 7 a.m. or after 9 p.m. Saturday trips will be 25 minutes apart instead of every 20 minutes. Route H6 (Brookland-Kennedy Center Line)

Sunday service will be added to replace discontinued service on Route R2. Route M7 (Southwest Terminal Shuttle)

New weekday schedule will operate with trips at eight-minute intervals, instead of every five minutes. Route R2 (Queens Chapel Road Line)

Sunday trips will originate or terminate at the Brookland Metro Station. Route S7 (Carter Barron-Crystal City Line)

This line will be eliminated beginning Sept. 2. Route T5 (Montgomery-Suburban Express)

The 7:40 a.m. trip from Cardoza will be eliminated, starting Sept. 2. Route W4 (Portland Street Line)

New weekday schedules will be operated. Saturday trips to Capital Plaza will be eliminated.