Votes of area members of Congress on key roll call votes taken the week ending August 22, 1980. HOUSE

House mortgage subsidies. The House voted 117-247 to reject an amendment to raise the mortgage ceilings on the revised Section 235 program, which would provide subsidized mortgages to middle-income homeowners.

As included in the housing bill, middle-income homebuyers would have been eligible for subsidized mortgages of up to $50,000 for single-family homes with a boost to $60,000 in high-cost areas.

But the amendment provided for increasing the high-cost ceiling to $75,000 and allowing the HUD secretary to boost it another 75 percent in very high cost areas.

Voting for the amendment: Barnes (D), Long (D), Mitchell (D), Spellman (D).

Voting against the amendment: Bauman (R), Byron (D), Holt (R), Mikulski (D). Senate

Alaskan lands. The Senate passed, 78-14, a bill protecting 104.3 million acres of federal lands in Alaska -- 28 percent of the state -- from various kinds of development. If signed into law, the bill would more than double the national park and wildlife refuge acreage in the country and more than triple the amount of the United States designated as wilderness.

A bill protecting 127.5 million acres of Alaskan lands passed the House earlier. If the Senate and House can agree on an Alaskan lands bill and it is signed by the president, the bill would complete activity set in motion in 1971 to convey federal lands in Alaska to the State of Alaska and to native Alaskan-sand to determine how remaining federal lands would be managed.

Voting for the bill: Mathias (R), Sarbanes (D).

Alaska lands cloture motion. Prior to voting on final passage of the Alaska lands bill, the Senate voted 63-25 to invoke cloture -- to end a filibuster preventing a final vote on the bill.

Voting for the cloture motion: Mathias (R), Sarbanes (D).