A newborn baby boy wrapped in two sheets was found yesterday in the hallway of a Fairfax County apartment building by three children on their way home from school.

The unidentified baby -- apparently abandoned -- was only about two hours old when found in the Timberlane Park Apartments, 7352 Lee Hwy., according to county police. He was taken to fairfax hospital, where he was listed in good condition.

Last night, the youngsters who made the discovery -- all of whom live in the apartment complex -- were still excited by the experience.

"It was like something out of a movie," said Matt Poland, the 12-year-old first to spot the child.

He said he saw the baby lying in the doorway of the third floor apartment he shares with his mother as he was walking up the stairs, "I thought, like, what is it doing here?" he recalled.

Matt and two friends, Chong Yi 12, and Susie Evans, 13, said they looked into the sheets and saw the baby's body covered with dried blood.

Matt said he took the child into his apartment and laid it on a bed while he called an ambulance. His mother was at work, so Chong and Susie waited with him.

Chong said he held the infant's finger "to keep him company" while Matt tried to wash off some of the blood. "When I touched it with the washcloth it jumped and yelled," Matt said. "I guess the water was too cold."

The baby was placed under the care of the county's protective service unit, which could put it up for adoption if the mother is not found. Police said they had no further details about the baby and were seeking information from residents of the apartment complex.

Police searched laundry rooms and trash cans throughout the afternoon hoping to find clues to the child's identity according to neighbors.