Thomas F. Owens, 66, native of Northern Virginia who spent most of his life working with cows and horses in that area, died Thursday at Alexandria Hospital. He had cancer.

From 1977 until his death, Mr. Owens was the parttime assistant manager of a riding stable at Southdown Farm in Great Falls, Va. He had the care of more than 30 horses there and resided on the property.

He was born on a farm at Marshall in Fauqier County, Va., and grew up there. Except for a brief period in the early 1940s, when he worked for the Old Dominion Railroad, now part of the Southern Railroad System, he cared for and trained livestock at various farms.

About 1946, he took a job at Priary farm in southern Fairfax County. At that time, it was a diary farm, but in late years, it was a horse farm. Mr. ($99WORDS OMITTED$99) ing, watering and seeing to their other needs. He remained there until 1973, when he had to retire because of a broken hip.

Mr. Owens came out of retirement to work at Southdown Farm.

Survivors include five sisters, Pearl Cockerille of Ashburn, Va., Nanny and Jacksie Woodward, both of Leesburg, and Dorothy Wells and Ollie Walters, both of Alexandria.