A man wielding a revolver robbed two WRC-TV (Channel 4) employes of $10,860 shortly before noon yesterday several blocks from the station at 4001 Nebraska Ave. NW, D.C. police reported. No one was injured in the robbery.

According to police, the employes, Mark Terry, 19, and Tammy Cook, 22, both of the communications department, went to the Riggs National Bank branch at Wisconsin Avenue and Warren Street NW to cash a number of checks, some of which were payroll checks.

Police said the two left the bank, went to their car and drove down Wisconsin Avenue to 39th Steet near the station. As the car slowed down to make a turn, a man standing at the corner ran over, opened the passenger side of the car and jumped onto Cook's lap. He produced a revolver and told Terry, the driver, to "keep rolling," police said.

The gunman told Terry and Cook to stop the car at nearby 39th Street and Windom Place NW, warning them not to look back at him or the getaway car that he said was following them. He then fled with the money contained in a blue briefcase.

A station official said WRC-TV messengers had never been robbed before.