The Montgomery County delegation to the General Assembly has announced it will handle local bills this fall in the same manner as it did in 1978 and 1979.

Each bill's sponsor will be given five minutes to discuss the bill with the delegation at a briefing session. At the next meeting, the delegation will vote on how the bill should be handled initially, which may include final favorable or unfavorable action or being scheduled for a further work session or public hearing.

Interested members of the public are urged to send their views in writing before the initial voting session on a bill. They should add whether they think the bill requires a public hearing before receiving final action.

The tenative briefing-session schedule follows. All sessions are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. in the Montgomery County Council Hearing Room, County Office Building, Rockville.

Today -- Bills concerning the board of education and election laws.

Sept 25 -- Bills concerning real property and landlord-tenant relations (such as condominium conversion and cooperative housing) and local government (such as sewage and taxicabs).

Sept. 29 -- The State Highway Administration will brief all local elected officials on the Rockville Facility/Inter/County Connector and the recent series of public meetings on it, and on the current status of the study of alternatives. After the briefing, the delegation will receive briefings on bills concerning the highway project.

The Montgomery County Senate delegation will give initial consideration this fall to bills concerning the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and local tax matters.

For more information on the legislative schedule, call the Office of Legislative Information at 279-1544.