Sixty-two District of Columbia high school seniors were among 15,000 semi-finalists recently selected in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Semifinalists represent the top half of one percent of the nation's high school senior classes.

Over one million students enrolled in approximately 18,000 secondary schools nationwide entered the 1981 Merit Program by taking the PSAT/NMSQT in 1979, when most were high school juniors. The semifinalists will be identified to colleges and universities in order to increase their chances of admission.

The semifinalists must go through another selection process afer which approximately 14,000 finalists will be notified next February that they are eligible to compete for about 4,500 Merit Scholarships to be awarded next spring.

The following lists the District's semifinalists:

Academy of Notre Dame, Anne E. David; Edmund Burke School, Lisa C. Hay; Capitol Page School, Jon P. Bridges; Georgetown Day School, David W. Baker, Elizabeth R. Fortson, Lauren K. Foster, Marshall Horowitz, Judy C. Ikle, Jennifer N. Jeristrom and Barnet G. Schecter; Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Francine S. Barron; Gonzaga College High School, Timothy J. Choppin, Brian P. Lee and Francis X. Rocca; Heights School, James J. Schnabel; Immaculata Preparatory School, Claire M. Lanctot and Mary Jo Neuberger; Maret School, Michael S. Cloud and Lisa D. Streit; National Cathedral School, Joanna L. Fowler Allison W. Fromm, Gail Harris, Holly A. Idelson, Liese Schwartz, Emily Scott and Alice M. Stoeppelwerth; Sidwell Friends School, Daniel M. Abramson, Conrad J. Berger, Daniel P. Froomkin, Douglass F. Gansler, Michael J. Govan, James R. Hosteteler, Sally Kux, Patricia C. Peyser, Elizabeth A. Singer, William L. Sollee, Catherine N. Steadman, David H. Weinberg and Jeremy B. Winston; St. Alban's School, Michael J. Abramowitz, James E. Boasberg, Jonanthan B. Cummings, Michael W. Dickerson, Daniel A. Medalie, Douglas S. Selin and Victor L. You; St. Anselm's Abbey School, John R. Barry, Robert L. Birdsong, Thaddeus J. Burns, Peter J. Casarella, John H. Clark, John S. Huitema, Patrick A. Jackman, Alan J. Keenan and Nicholas R. Papadakis; St John's College High School, Gordon P. Luetjen; Woodrow Wilson Senior High School, Laura R. Heller, John E. Hutchins, Katherine B. Myers, Kathryn Partridge, Elizabeth B. Teare and Hannah Wolfe.