The second victim of a double murder in Annandale Wednesday was identified yesterday as Marian M. Sheets, 33, a part-time waitress.

She and William N. (Billy) Tumarkin, 25, were found dead of gunshot wounds to the upper body in a bedroom of their home in the 3700 block of Rose Lane about 4:15 p.m. Wednesday by another resident of the house.

Investigators reported no new leads in the slayings. Fairfax County

Investigators reported no new leads in the slayings. Fairfax County police spokesman Warren R. Carmichael said "there is still no motive, no suspects, and no murder weapon has been found."

The shootings were one of two double slayings that occurred in the country Wednesday a little over a mile apart.

Fifteen minutes after the bodies were discovered in the Rose Lane home, police were called to the scene of an apparent murder and suicide at Lake Barcroft. Police said there is no reason to believe the two incidents are connected.

Investigators said they believe that Marvin W. Humphreys, 44, director of the State Department's Office of Nuclear Policy, shot to death his wife Lynda, 42, in the kitchen of their $200,000 brick rambler in the 6200 block of Lakeview Drive, then shot himself.

Police said yesterday they had no new evidence to suggest that their initial assessment of the deaths -- as murder and suicide -- was in error.

Friends and colleagues of the Humphreyses said he had recently been depressed by marital troubles.

At the scene of the Rose Lane murder, the silhouette of a patrolman was visible through the front door Wednesday night as investigators searched the surrounding lawn with flashlights in a search for clues.

Carmichael said there was no evidence of a burglary or robbery attempt, adding that the house "looked so normal at first" that the investigators originally assumed that Tumarkin and Sheets died in a murder-suicide as the Humphreyses apparently did.

Neighbors on Rose Lane said they recalled hearing arguments at the home and that this was not the first incident involving police there.