A Silver Spring dentist, convicted last July on drug-related charges in the largest drug indictment ever handed down in Montgomery County, was sentenced to 10 years in jail yesterday by a Montgomery Circuit Court judge.

Judge Joseph M. Mathias sentenced Stephen Oddo, 29, now living at 15805 Amelung La. in Rockville, to 44 years, 34 of which he suspended.

Oddo was convicted July 25, after a six-week trial, of 70 counts of illegal distribution of controlled dangerous substances, including 40 felony counts.

"He would write prescriptions for Demerol, Quaaludes, morphine sulfate or Percodan in the name of a patient, and then fill them himself and use them for himself and his friends," said prosecutor John Duncan. "The drugs were all injected. He would use the stuff as a prelude to orgies."

At last summer's jury trial Oddo was acquitted of 13 charges, including allegations that he ran a "disorderly house" at his former residence in Silver Spring and at his office at 13415 Connecticut Ave. The dentist is expected to appeal the guilty verdict.

"He was a doctor who abused the right to prescribe drugs," Duncan said. "He violated his oath and he dragged in eight to 10 people who would never have had access to drugs, and then set up sexual liaisons."

Prosecutors said the conviction was one of the first cases in Maryland in which a doctor has been convicted and sentenced to jail for drug abuse.

At the sentencing yesterday the case drew sharp words from Mathias, who called the doctor's conduct "heinous" and meted out 36 concurrent 20-year sentences, and a number of lesser sentences.

At the hearing Oddo took the stand to say he was sorry. The defense requested that he be allowed either to work with refugees in Thailand or serve as a prison dentist in Mississippi, but Mathias rebuffed the idea and also denied the doctor an appeal bond. Oddo is currently detained at Montgomery County Detention Center.