Fairfax County police confirmed yesterday that two members of the Washington Redskins football team were under investigation for possible sexual offenses, but said that no arrests have been made.

Fairfax police spokesman Warren Carmichael disclosed the investigation in a statement that was later supported by Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney Robert F. Horan Jr.

Carmichael said the names of the two players would not be released unless they are formally charged. And police gave few details of the investigation, refusing to say when the alleged offense occurred or where.

The Washington Post had received an anonymous tip last week that the investigation was under way, but police would neither confirm nor deny it at that time. A Washington television station had reported yesterday that the case involved a 20-year-old Reston woman, but police would not confirm that story either.

Sources said yesterday that Redskin -- players had discussed the investigation on the flight home after their Sunday loss to the Oakland Raiders, but Redskins officials said they would not have anything to say until more information was available.

Coach Jack Pardee said yesterday, "I don't know anything about the report." Later he said that meetings with individual team members yesterday had nothing to do with the rape investigation. He said it was just a coincidence.

United Press International yesterday said Pardee talked individually with each player after practice. The wire service said Pardee said he talked of the team's "on the field" problems, but one player said Pardee told them of the police investigation and informed them they "might be questioned by police."

Larry Lucchino, a Redskins attorney, said that he was aware of the investigation, but had no comment. Charlie Taylor, assistant public relations spokesman for the team, said yesterday that "we have no comment until we can receive more information."