Hours: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Saturday; 4 to 10 p.m., Sunday. Atmosphere: Comfortable and homey. Price Range: Dinner entrees, $4.25 to $9. Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Central Charge. Reservations: Not necessary except for large parties. Special Facilities: High chairs available; ample free parking; wheelchair access.

D'Angelos is a neighborhood restaurant offering good Italian food, reasonable prices, long waits between courses, friendly and helpful service and a hostess -- at least on the night we were there -- who sat at a table next to ours chatting with friends and never casting so much as a glance in our direction even when the children began complaining about how hungry they were and how long they had been waiting.

D'Angelos is a homey, attractive place with lots of plants, paintings on the walls and bookcases crammed with old books. The lighting is dim enough to be pleasant but bright enough so that the menu can be read easily.

The first thing we noticed when we entered the restaurant was the huge bowl of fresh fruit on the reception desk and the second was the dessert cart with all kinds of yummy looking pastries.

The menu has all kinds of appetizers, from Greek olives in feta cheese to shrimp cocktail. But we passed up the more obvious offerings and ordered a basket of munchies, which our waitress recommended. We had trouble deciding whether to order the fried mushrooms, shrimp or oysters, but settled on the mushrooms. The were tasty, hot and delicious, breaded and fried lightly enough that the mushroom taste came through clearly.

The children chose wing-dings, which were about 15 fried chicken legs and wings ($3.85). Salad came next and was served on large plates instead of in bowls. There were several types of crisp lettuce cherry tomatoes and thick slices of onion and cucumber. Dressings were served on the side so that you could be as lavish or as sparing as you wished.

Our daughters ordered half portions of lasagna ($2.75), which turned out to be large plates of soft noodles stuffed full of cheese and meat and covered with a spicy tomato sauce. The ravioli and meat balls ($2.75) ordered by our son was a heaping plateful and he too had a hard time finishing.

The combination dinner ($8.75) ordered by my husband consisted of chicken cacciatore, lasagna, spaghetti and veal scaloppine. The real winner was the veal, which was baked in a rich, brown sauce was tasty, enhancing rather than domminating the meat.

Chicken Alexander ($7.25) -- boneless chicken breast wrapped in bacon and topped with swiss cheese and ham and served in a butter and wine sauce -- was extremely rich but the flavors were baked and blended together perfectly.

A pepperoni pizza we ordered to share -- we ended up taking most of it home -- was disappointing. The crust tasted like the cardboard variety and the cheese and tomato topping was sparse. At $4.95, it was not worth the price.

As we finished the last forkful of food, the dessert cart was rolled over and we selected, after much discussion, strawberry shortcake, black forest cake and a French pastry cone filled with custard and cream ($1.85 each). They were all delicious.

The bill for the five of us, including tax and tip, came to $45.