The Children's Institute of the Organization for Improved Community Education (OFICE), a private, nonprofit group founded in 1977, has received funds from the D.C. Community Humanities Council to present a six-part series entitled, "The Transmittal of Values and Culture to Black Children Through the Arts, Media and Religion."

The series will open Sunday at Logan Community School, 3rd and G streets NE, with a lecture entitled "The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Black Family." Drs. Sylvia Hill, Lillian Anthony-Welch and Robert Hill will be the featured speakers in the 4 to 6 p.m. discussion.

Other discussions in the series will focus on the black church, the communications media and black art, literature, music and dance. The purpose of the seminars is to inform adults of the ways values and culture are transmitted to black children.

The Children's Institute was founded by a group of parents worried about the usefulness of the educations their children were receiving in local public and private schools.

JoAnne Favors, co-founder of the program and mother of nine, said one objectives of the Children's Institute is to bring the educational and living environments of minority and disadvantaged children closer together.

The program has been developed around the philospohy of Paulo Firere, a Barzilian educator who believes education should grow out of the experience of the student and that courses of study should be planned around those experiences. Otherwise, Favors said, the student comes away from school with abstract concepts which cannot be applied in his or her immediate surroundings.

OFICE activities will bring social and cultural information which focuses on self, community and contemporary events within a historical context to children between 7 and 14. The 15 children now enrolled in the Children's Institute program, which meets on Saturdays in the Logan Community School, use field trips, lecutres, film and discussion to enrich their basic educations and enhance their self-images. There is no fee for children who participate in the program.

The seminars, which are free and open to the public, will continue through next June. Further information is available from the Logan Community School, 724-4701.