The 20-year-old son of New York Gov. Hugh Carey was one of two Georgetown University students arrested Tuesday and charged with the unauthorized use of a vehicle in connection with the alleged theft of an automobile in Georgetown on Saturday, according to D.C. police.

Police arrested Bryan Joseph Carey and Michael P. McCloskey, 20, of Haverford, Pa. Both are third-year students in the university's college of arts and sciences. Both were released on bond. Neither student nor his attorney could be reached for comment yesterday.

Gov. Carey, through a spokesman, said, "My son Bryan has informed me that he was involved with some other boys in an incident in Washington where he is a student at Georgetown Wuniversity. His brother Michael, an attorney is with him.As far as I know, there is no damage. It could amount to a violation of the law, but that has not been determined."

According to police. Arthur L. Roberson, the driver of a 1979 Buck Regal, had parked his car with the keys inside near a store at 36th and N streets NW. Roberson told police that when he left the store his car had been taken.

Roberson joined police in a search of the neighborhood and observed the vehicle near 35th and O streets NW. When the police cruiser approached the auto, three persons ran from it, police said. McCloskey was arrested on the scene, police said.

A third person was being sought in the case, police said.