During an emotional three hours of court testimony, Marilyn Flook yesterday pinpointed her next door neighbor, Gregory Benson, as one of two men who stood outside her front door just seconds before her husband, Frank, was slain last Dec. 27.

In a sometimes tearful and cracking voice, Flook, a federal employe, demonstrated with the use of a reconstructed front entrance to her Capitol Hill home how she struggled to keep the two men from entering her row house at 1521 A St. NE.

"I became very fearful and alarmed when I opened the door," she said. "I began to call for my husband. . . . The door was pushed in. It came open a ways . . . my right shoulder was against the wall. I saw two men at the front door."

Flook said one of the men was standing on the front stoop and the other was on the porch. She identified the man who was on the porch as 27-year-old Benson, who is on trial on a felony murder charge in the shooting.

The 33-year-old Flook said she could not clearly see the second man, who was on the stoop, because he was pushing on the door and she was pushing from the inside at an angle. She said she called for her husband, who had been asleep in an upstairs bedroom.

"At some point [during the struggle] my husband ran down the stairs," she said. "I saw him out the corner of my eye." She paused and wiped her eyes with a white handkerchief, "down the steps and he ran across the living room. At that simultaneous point, a gun came throught the door."

Flook said one of the men stuck his right hand with the gun around the door and fired, hitting her husband. She said after her husband was shot, the men, who said nothing during the entire ordeal, stopped pushing on the door and fled.

Flook, who works for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, said she asked her husband if he was hurt, but he did not respond. She said she turned her husband, who was facing the floor over on his back and saw that "the bullet had gone in above his forehead." She called the police.

Flook said she had gone to the front door shortly before 9:30 p.m., after being awakened by the constant ringing of the doorbell. Before going to the door, she said she peeked out of an upstairs bedroom window, but could see no one. The ringing of the doorbell stopped when she peeked out the window, she went back to bed. However, she said once in bed, the doorbell ringing began again and she put on her robe and went downstairs.

She said she looked out her front bay window and could see a person who resembled her paperboy.

Flook said she picked Gregory Benson out of a lineup about three months after the shooting as one of the two men who killed her husband. She said she never saw Gregory Benson prior to her husband's shooting.