John (Bonzo) Bonham, 32, the drummer of Led Zeppelin, the popular British rock band, was found dead Thursday at the home of the group's base guitarist, John Paul Jones, in Windsor England.

British police said they had no further information.

In New York, an official of Swan Song Records said merely that Mr. Bonham had been "found dead in the house of a friend in England. There will be no further statement until after an autopsy examination, which is to be held [Friday]."

Mr. Bonham had been the drummer with Led Zeppelin since it was founded in 1968. An alumnus of other British bands, including Terry Webb and the Pirates, A Way of Life and Band of Joy, he was known for his steady backbeat in a band that defined heavy metal rock with its volume and virility.The group evolved out of The Yardbirds and got its name from Keith Moon, the drummer of the Who Moon, who predicted that the group would go over "like a lead balloon."

Among the band's best-selling hits was "Stairway to Heaven."

Mr. Bonham lived on a farm in Worcestershire, England with his wife, a son and a daughter. He was less widely known than the band's front men, vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page.

Led Zeppelin recently completed a successful European tour after not having performed in public for several years. A scheduled performance in Germany was canceled because of what was described as Mr. Bonham's "Physical exhaustion."

Tragedy has surrounded Led Zeppelin's tours in the past. In 1975, as the band was about to embark on a major world tour. Plant and his wife were seriously injured in a car crash. During a 1977 tour, plant's 5-year-old son died of an infection and the rest of the tour was canceled.