The Alexandria School Board has set a tentative list of goals and priorities for this year, ranging from a review of instruction and curriculum to a possible change in the "open campus" policy at T.C. Williams High School.

The board listed 17 objectives last weekend at its goal-setting session with the administrative staff but delayed making a final decision on priorities for this year until the staff analyzes the feasibility of the proposed objectives.

Board Chairman Shirley Tyler said the board will decide at its meeting Oct. 15 how many of the goals can be met this year, based on staff estimates of the time and expense involved.

But in a preliminary poll at the meeting, the board placed the greatest emphasis on a review of instruction in all grades, and the adoption of a new management system advocated by new Superintendent Robert W. Peebles. The new system, known as "management by objectives," establishes a formal process for setting and meeting goals in the schools.

The board also show special interest in teacher accountability, a review of curriculum and guidance programs for all grades, improved staff evaluation methods and better communications.

The controversial issue of inaugurating a "family life," or sex education, program fell further down the list of priorities. But board members Lou Cook and Judy Feaver, advocates of such a program, urged that the issue be given top priority in curriculum evaluations.

They noted that the issue will require close examination and must include suggestions from the community before textbooks can be chose and a curriculum adopted.

Alexandria had no formal, organized sex education program that conforms with state guidelines for such programs.Aspects of sex education are taught in biology, health and physical education courses.

Supporters of a family life program contend it is not merely a euphemism for sex educaton because its emphasis is more on the responsibilities and roles within the family unit than on the reproductive system and sexual questions.

The board also agreed with a recommenation from member Claudia Waller that the issue of drug abuse be included in the curriculum review.

Other subjects the board targeted as priorities include financial management, social promotions, public relations and school attendance policies. m

Last on the list of priorities was whether to change the policy that allows T.C. Williams students to leave the campus during free class periods.