The Metropolitan Police Department held a promotion ceremony Friday for 4 new deputy cheifs, 10 inspectors, 17 captains and 33 lieutenants.

Families looked on as the officers took their official oaths of office and listened to remarks by Mayor Marion Berry and Police Chief Burtell M. Jefferson.

The officers who were promoted will take the places of officers who recently retired.

Promoted to deputy chief were Melvin Winkelman, John Connor, Rodwell catoe and Isaac Fulwood Jr.

Promoted to inspector were Wilfred Coligan, Martin Niverth, Bobby Wallace, Thomas Carroll, Leonard Maiden, Charles Samarra, Max Krupo, Joyce Leland, Fred Raines and Melvin High.

Promoted to captain were Richard Pennington, Charles Bacon, Charles Collins, Larry Rosenberger, James Scanlan, Michael Mangitz, Donald Christian, Calvin Thomas, Charles Moore, Patricia Pfieger, Bruce Mcdonald, Larry Soulsby, Nelson Grillo, Willie Doster, John Collins, Stephens Carson and Michael Canfield.

Promoted to lieutenant were Winfred Stanley, Benjamin A. Preston, John A. Sims, William D. Freeman, Jerome L. Rollins, David W. Bostrom, Stephen K. Arbuthnot, Robert L. Stewart, William O. Richie, Winston Robinston Jr., Hiram K. Brewton, James K. Kalbacher, Michael D. Pickett, Robert W. shaffer, Willie L. Streeter, Richard L. Summers, John J. Hilbert, Robert J. Noyes, David P. Baker, Zelford C. Platt, James A. Lingerfelt, Glenn Luginski, Claude J. Beheler, Eric J. Mines, Donald B. Thomas, Daniel J. Kerr, Mario Sevilla, William B. Riley, Lester S. Suydan, Robert F. White, Ronald Harvey, Ray J. Tarasovic and Darryl K. Harrison.