A U.S. magistrate yesterday postponed until Oct. 20 the preliminary hearing for John J. O'Grady, accused of kidnaping an Arlington banker's daughter for a $50,000 ransom last month.

Magistrate W. Harris Grimsley delayed the court date after O'Grady's lawyer, Christopher Hopkins of Fairfax, said he had been retained for the case on Thursday afternoon and had not had sufficient time to mount a defense.

O'Grady, 33, clad in cowboy boots, dark slacks and a blue windbreaker, was led from the courtroom in Alexandria in handcuffs and leg irons with his head bowed. He is accused of violating the federal Hobbes Act -- extortion through threats of intimidation and violence against financial institutions.

Carol Lynn Drewer, 19, daughter of First American Bank of Virginia President Milton Lee Drewer Jr., was abducted Sept. 23 from the bank parking lot at Tysons Corner and held for 12 hours before the $50,000 ransom was paid by her father.

O'Grady is alleged to have flown to San Francisco the morning after the kidnaping where he checked into the Fairmont Hotel under his own name. O'Grady was arrested without incident Sept. 27 at the hotel room by four FBI agents. He was flown back from San Francisco by U.S. marshals late Wednesday and held in the Fairfax jail under a $1 million bond, the FBI said.