The wee hours of yesterday were busy for D.C. police officer Francis X. Morgan.

After patroling the streets for about an hour on his midnight tour of duty, Morgan, a five-year veteran who works in the Fourth District, received a call to investigate a reported rape in the 1400 block of Irving Street NW.

When he arrived at the aprtment building shortly after midnight, an elderly man greeted him at the entrance. "He said, 'Come on, officer, they're down here," and pointed toward the basement, Morgan said yesterday.

There he found a man attempting to rape a 17-year-old girl. When he confronted the man, he fled. Morgan later arrested a man identified as James S. Coleman, 35, of 1309 Irving St. NW, who was charged with assault with intent to rape.

After gathering information at the scene, Morgan headed for police headquarters to write a report on the case. As he drove near 14th and Belmont streets NW, he was stopped by a woman who said she had been robbed by an armed man.

With the woman inside the car, he followed a man who the woman said was the robber. After a brief chase, he arrested a suspect a few blocks away. As he made the arrest, Morgan said, the man threw a 938-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver into a clump of bushes.

Morgan arrested Alvin A. Terrell, 33, of 1300 Otis Pl. NW, and charged him with armed robbery.

"By the time, I finished the paper work, it was time to go to court," said Morgan, who talked to a reporter between court appearances later in the day.