The FBI has listed the University of Maryland at College Park among the nation's 10 most crime-ridden public campuses in five out of seven crime categories.

College Park had more reported burglaries than any other state university in the country, according to FBI survey, which also listed the University of Maryland's main campus as the nation's third in arson, fifth in robbery, eighth in assaults and 10th in auto theft.

Nearly 300 state colleges and universities were included in the survey. Figures for private schools were not gathered.

The nation's top three compuses in the number of violent crimes, according to the survey, were Rutgers University, the University of Illinois at Urbana and the University of Florida.

In overall violent crime, the FBI figures for 1979 showed College Park fourth in the nation. The FBI also ranked the campus seventh in its number of property crimes.

Police reports showed 14 robberies, 29 aggravated assaults and three rapes at College Park last year, according to the FBI. The number of assaults was the highest for the campus since 1976. The FBI report also showed 850 larcenies, 551 burgularies, 43 car thefts and 31 arsons last year at the campus.

The University of Virginia -- with half the number of students as College Park -- reported only one-fifth the number of violent crimes listed at the Maryland campus. FBI statistics showed one rape, one robbery, and six assaults.

School officials said it is hard to say if College Park has more problems than other schools because the FBI figures represent "raw data."

"We are a large school in a high crime area," said William Thomas, vice chancellor for student affairs at College Park. "All the schools we'd compare to don't have the same problems we have I think our security has been improving over the years, and is very much in balance with the risks we have."

"Careless students often leave themselves open to crimes," said Thomas DeSeve, resident life director and chief of dorm security for the campus.A computerized crime reporting system has also raised the figures for the campus, he said.

A spokesman for Maryland's campus police said the number of crimes at the school was not unusual for a school that large. The FBI report listed the campus, with a population of 31,352, as the eighth biggest school surveyed. t