The government's 24,000 electricians, carpenters, mechanics, other craft workers and laborers here will be getting pay raises effective Sunday. The exact amount of the increases has not been determined. But the increase will not exceed 9.1 percent pay raise that went into effect earlier this month for 300,000 white-collar U.S. workers here.

Blue-collar workers paid under the wage board system have their pay adjusted annually based on the basis of private industry salary surveys in 135 communities. So far this year those pay adjustments have been averaging slightly more than 9 percent. But the Washington area survey results could be lower since Washington has a comparatively small blue-collar industry base. b

President Carter put a 9.1 percent lid on white-collar federal salary increases this year, although government data indicated a catch-up-with-industry raise of just over 13 percent was justified. Congress has slapped a similar 9.1 percent lid on blue-collar adjustments for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1.

The Defense Department (largest employer in metropolitian Washington) makes the private industry vs. government pay comparision. DOD will announce the raises later this week. They will go into effect next Sunday.