Improvement of Water Supply Lines: Funds would come from a $6.2 million bond issue approved in 1977.

Arlington voters are being asked to consider only one local question.Under the proposal, the country is asking voters to approve a plan to use the remaining $6 million from a bond issue approved three years ago to improve water supply lines in the county.

In the 1977 referendum, voters, authorized the sale of $6.2 million in bonds to build additional water storage facilities. The proposal was designed to aid the county in short-term emergencies such as regional water shortages, breakdowns in the water supply system and periods when the Potomac River, a main source of water for Arlington, is low.

The first priority was to be the construction of a ground storage facility at the Lee Reservoir. Analyses since then by county staff members and consultants of the county's water distribution system have indicated that problems with the water supply are most likely to occur in critical supply lines such as those leading from the Potomac.

The county is therefore recommending that those supply lines be repaired, rather than that the additional storage facilities be built as planned.

Approved of the question will not add to the bonded indebtedness of Arlington County, according to county officials.

A simple majority is required for approval. A yes vote approves the plan to repair the supply lines; a no vote rejects the proposal.

There has been little controversy over the issue and the referendum has won the support of the Arlington Civic Federation.