The decomposed nude bodies of a man and woman who had been shot in the chest were found yesterday on a bed in a North Arlington apartment where police also discovered two Doberman Pinschers, a boa constrictor and a motorcycle.

Police said they had tentatively identified the two, but would disclose only that they believed the woman lived in Montgomery County and the man lived in the apartment. Both were believed to be in their late 20s and had been dead for about five days.

The bodies in the apartment at 2311 N. 11th St. in the sprawling Lee Gardens complex were discovered shortly after 2 p.m. after a neighbor complained of a foul smell and called maintenance workers, who then summoned police.

Authorities at first said they believed the man and woman, who were found lying face down on the bed, were murdered. Last night, a gun was found in the cluttered apartment, but investigators said it still had not been determined whether the slayings were a double murder or murder and suicide.

Police said the door to the apartment was locked, the windows were closed and there was no sighn of forced entry or a struggle. There was no initial indication that anything was taken, investigators reported.

Police said the two dogs, apparently about six months old, were tame and appeared to have been well fed. The snake was found in a glass case.

The animals were taken to the county animal shelter.

Among items found by police was a man's jacket emblazoned with motorcycle club patches. A motorcycle was in the living room, its front wheel off.

One neighbor interviewed last night recalled that the man who rented the apartment worked as a meat cutter and frequently wore motorcyclist's garb, and apparently was the owner of the dogs.

The apartment is on the first floor of a building across Rt. 50 from Fort Myer.

Police said last night that if the slayings were a double murder they had no suspects. They were attempting to learn more about the couple by interviewing employes of the apartment complex, neighbors and possible acquaintances.