Fairfax County police claim they have broken up a theft ring allegedly responsibile for 33 burglaries and three larcenies, mostly in the affluent Great Falls section of the county, that netted $50,000 worth of stolen goods -- largely silver, stereos, jewerly, coins and cameras.

Among the items allegedly stolen was a $5,000 Jaguar automobile that the ring apparently planned to use as a getaway vehicle, according to police.

Six teen-agers have benn arrested in the past several weeks in connection with burglaries from homes in the Great Falls area, according to police spokesman Warren Carmichael. He said the break-ins occurred from mid-June to the end of September.

Accused of participating in the ring are two adults and four juveniles, one aged 15 and three aged 17. Shawn Michael Hagan, 18, of Magna Carta Road, Herndon, is charged with four burglaries, and Gene Austin Troutman, 18, of 2116 Moheghan Dr., Herndon, is charged with one.

One of the 17-year-olds is charged in three burglaries and a larceny, a second is charged in three burglaires and the third in two. The 15-year-old is charged in one burglary.

Carmichael said stolen goods were recovered with the help of search warrants as each arrest was made. "The initial warrants involved two Great Falls 17-year-olds in September," Carmichael said. Each of the youths, except for Troutman and Hagan, reside in the Great Falls area. Police say they believe most Northern Virginia burglaries are committed by youths who study the habit of residents in their own neighborhoods.

Carmichael said one of the 17-year-olds is suspected of stealing the Jaguar from the McLean area in early September. The car was driven to a wooded section in Great Falls where an attempt was made to camouflage it, Carmichael said.

The ring was "apparently planning to use it at some time in the future," he said.