Two men suspected of briefly abducting a man in Fairfax County led police on a 10-mile chase at speeds over 100 miles an hour early yesterday before being apprehended at a truck weighing station in Prince William County.

Police said Dale A. Gettis, 20, of Woodbridge was walking south along Route 1 near Gunston Road at midnight Thursday when a dark-colored sedan stopped in front of him on the shoulder of the road.

Two men then left the car, while three other passengers remained inside, according to a police spokesman. One of the men then asked Gettis where he was going and both allegedly grabbed him and tried to force him into the car, police were told.

Gettis escaped by slipping out of his jacket.While he was reporting the incident to police, other officers were already in pursuit of a car, believed to be the one bearing Gettis's would-be abductors, for alleged traffic violations, according to police spokesman Warren Carmichael.

But the suspects nearly eluded Fairfax police, driving south on Route 1 in excess of 100 miles an hour before turning onto I-95, police said.

The area's only female state trooper, 26-year-old Diane Mandeville, was "tooling down the highway in an unmarked car when a blur sped past running other cars off the road and going about 110 miles an hour," she said.

Unaware that two of the cars occupants were suspected of being involved in an abduction, Mandeville took up the pursuit. It ended when the driver, attempting to avoid traffic by driving through a truck weighing station, barely missed a semitrailer rig and struck a concrete barrier five miles south of the Fairfax and Prince William County's Garfield police station, as the men who allegedly accosted him by the side of Route 1.

Charged with abduction were two Southeast Washington men: John L. Allen, 28, of 650 50th Pl., and Norman P. Thompson, 20, of 2555 Elvan Rd. Allen and Thompson were being held in lieu of $50,000 and $25,000 bond, respectively, in the Fairfax jail.

Mandeville, who has been a trooper for three years while operating out of the Virginia state police's Independent Hill station, said, "we were just fortunate that it happened that way. I didn't even know that anyone else was chasing them."