A bank teller who was held up at a Riggs National Bank branch here yesterday but waited several minutes before telling anyone was charged with helping stage the robbery.

FBI officials said a man dressed in a security guard's unform entered the bank at 1913 Massachusetts Ave. NW about 10:40 a.m. The man walked up to teller Gwendolyn Butler's window and Butler handed him several thousand dollars in a bang bag before he fled, the agents said.

Bank officials and FBI agents said they became suspicious of Butler, 23, of Oxon Hill, when they realized that, contrary to normal bank procedures after holdups, Butler had casually walked around and smoked a cigarette before reporting the incident.

Twenty minutes after the robbery, FBI agents spotted two men in a parked car on the George Washington Parkway. Before the agents got to the car, according to an FBI spokesman, one of the men ran into a nearby woods where he was caught after a brief chase. The other suspect was arrested inside the car.

The two male suspects were identified as Leory Hawkins, 32, of the District, and Randy Xavier Thomas, 22, of Marlow Heights, Prince George's County. All three were charged with bank robbery.