District voters will go to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots for President and Vice President, Delegate to Congress, two at-large city council members, and council members from four of the city's eight wards.

In addition, voters will decide on two initiatives -- one to legalize certain forms of gambling in the city, and one to convene a convention to draft a state constitution. If adopted, this could be the first step toward statehood.

All voters can vote for president and vice-president, D.C. delegate, two at-large council seats, and the two ballot initiatives. Only the voters in wards 2,4,7 and 8 can vote for the council members from those wards.

All District residents are eligible to vote provided they have voted within the last four years or were registered by Oct. 6.

Voters will be allowed to write in the name of any candidate for any office.

Voters in Ward I will receive ballots in both Spanish and English. Physically handicapped voters should arrange to have another person accompany them and go into the polling place to ask an elections official for assistance. t

District residents who have not notified the D.C. Board of Elections of an address change will be allowed to vote, provided they can show two identifications bearing the new address. A city driver's license with the new address will suffice.

Voting will be by the same punch card method used in recent elections. For those unable to vote Tuesday, absentee voting will be allowed until noon, Nov. 1. The absentee voter must appear at the D.C. Board of Elections in room 7 of the District Building. The office will accept absentee votes between 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. today and tomorrow, and before noon on Saturday.