Shelia Brown, 19, unemployed, Fourth Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE: "Some of them, I wouldn't say all of them, have nasty attitudes. They talk to you in a nasty way; they don't try to be polite. When they put on a badge, they become high and mighty." Stephone Fitzgerald, 18, Ballou High School senior. "They ain't right. You get a man out here on the street, say he steals a bar of candy. They'll beat him up. I've seen it happen. They act like they're superman -- they use brutality when they really don't have to." C. Williams, 50, personnel training officer, 2nd and I streets SW: "the environment affects the police. They tend to be negative around people who live in a negative environment, such as where I used to live -- the 14th street corridor. In this area, the education level is different. It's predominately white and there's a positive response by the police." John Johnson, 23, government mail clerk, Seventh and Atlantic street SE: "They're doing okay. I see them as everyday people. I don't see them doing no more than what they have to do. They're just doing their job." Bernie Unger, 53, management consultant, 13th Street and Delaware Avenue SW: "The rapport is good. When I see them, they say hello and I say hello. I like to see them around. I think they relate to our community very well. They come to our co-op and give lectures on crime prevention." Jane Johnson, 30, secretary, Waterside Mall SW: "Most of them that I see around here are pretty friendly. In other areas of the city, that may not be so -- especially in racially concentrated areas where a number of blacks are in a poor economic status. A well-dressed black is treated better than one who looks like a bum." Penny Hooper, 32, housewife, Wisconsin Avenue and P Street NW: "The police are very friendly actually. They always seem to be around when we need them, as far as we're concerned in Georgetown. We're very pleased to see that. They're very business like." Al Rawls, 45, government mail clerk, 14th and U streets NW: "It's bad. The police are really afraid when it comes to a neighborhood like this. He can't act out his authority. He's hostile because he's doing something he's really against and he takes it out on his own people." Jeffrey West, 27, auto mechanic, Ninth and Hamlin street NE: "Really, sometimes they don't care. There are some shaky ones, but most of them are pretty straight. Different officers handle the job differently. Some just do it for the job, some really like their job. Except for the troublemakers, most people in this area are pretty pleased with them."