Halloween in Washington saw a considerable amount of random violence mixed with the standard tricks and treats, according to the records of the D.C. police department.

Between midnight and 6 a.m. records show one rape, and 17 robberies, in addition to several lesser crimes.

Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown was particularly turbulent as revelers swarmed in and out of restaurants along the street. Fights broke out, several persons were arrested for disorderly conduct, one woman complained that merrymakers terrified her by rocking her car until it almost turned over, and the avenue was so clogged by traffic that police closed it for a time at N and T Streets to clear it out.

Two persons said they were stripped of their costumes and left naked on 29th Street NW, and three women said a group of men was trying to force them into a truck on M Street but was deterred by a jogger who approached with a large dog.

A child in the Lake Braddock area of Fairfax County discovered a steel pin in some candy obtained during trick or treating, but no injuries to children were reported in the area.

In an apparently unrelated incident, a uniformed officer in the Secret Service's foreign domestic division, which guards diplomatic premises here, was found in the officers' locker room with a bullet wound in the head. The officer, Mark A. Cognetti, 30, was in critical condition yesterday at George Washington University Hospital. The incident is under investigation.