Two armed robbers escaped with $10,000 from a liquor store near North Capitol and M streets Monday night, but not before their getaway car drove off too quickly, stranding one of the robbers who had to wait for the car to come back for him.

The incident occurred about 7:30 p.m. at Bernstein Liquor, 39 M St. NW.

Police said Moon K. Kim, 31, of Camp Springs, Md., was working in the front room of the store when two armed men walked in and forced him to the back of the store. Kuncha Choi, 36, who was in the back counting money, heard the commotion in front and locked herself in the office, but the men kicked the door down, police said.

After the robbery, one of the men was slow leaving the store while the other rushed out to a getaway car, according to police. When the second robber went out, he saw the getaway car moving away. The stranded gunman began running after it, but had to stop to fire a shot in the direction of Kim, yelling that he had been robbed, police said.

The getaway car reappeared seconds later and the robbers sped off. Kim was not injured.