Despite a partial hiring freeze, with more to come from the Reagan administration, Uncle Sam has about 2,000 job openings at the $50,000 level. Currently he is beating the bushes for 47 qualified people who would like to join the team.

Before you tell your current boss what he can do with his job, bear in mind that qualifying for a top federal job is easier said than done. The fact that you were senior class president and love working with people doesn't guarantee you a spot in government.

Most of the jobs in question are in the Washinton area. They are within the Senior Executive Service, and do not include almost 1,000 noncareer SES jobs that are available to the Reagan administraton, nor the nearly 3,000 political Schedule C jobs that are available to each incoming administration.

Each week the government advertises anywhere from 25 to 50 SES openings. It is easier to find out about them if you already work for Uncle Sam, or live in Washington. (Locally the weekly SES job listing is posted at the Job Information Center, 1900 E. St. NW.)

The career types Uncle Sam is seeking are not feet-on-the-desk-executive positions that most of us could handle. They are rather specialized, which is why Uncle Sam has so many vacancies even in this time of high unemployment.

The current batch ranges from an associate director for food policy analysis at the Agriculture Department, or chief of the patents division at the Pentagon, head of the Watervliet Arsenal at Albany, N.Y., or the chief actuary at the Office of Personnel Management. You have a shot at $50,000 per year if you could head the combat control department at the Navy submarine center in Rhode Island, or think you could be the attorney tax-adviser to the head of the Internal Revenue Service.

Federal officials say there has been no speedup in SES hiring since the election. Most of the current vacancies will be around when Reagan takes office. Insiders say the IF he does impose a total hiring freeze on government, it will probably exclude both career and non-career SES jobs so his new team can fill as many as possible to help get control of the bureaucracy.