Emergency and proposed regulations for the conversion and sale of rental housing in the District and final regulations for the new seed money loan program for tenants who are buying their apartment buildings as cooperatives have been issued by the Department of Housing and Community Development.

The emergency regulations for the conversion and sale of rental housing provide detailed requirements for the conduct of tenant elections to determine whether tenants approve conversion of a building from a rental property to a cooperative or condominium. Under current District law, conversion can only take place if at least half of a building's tenants vote and approve.

The regulations also include detailed procedures for conversion and for notices to tenants requiring them to vacate units for conversion; a scale for reduced conversion fees for units being provided to lower-income families; requirements for units being provided to lower-income familes; requirements for permitting certain elderly persons to remain as tenants; exemptions for non-profit cooperatives; requirements for relocation and housing assistance payments, and procedures landlords must follow to provide their tenants with the first right to purchase rental housing when it is to be sold.

Copies of the proposed regulations are available in Room 935, 1325 G St. NW. Written comments on the regulations are being accepted.

More information on rental housing conversion is available by calling Mimi Jones at 724-8567. Information on cooperative seed money loans is available from Marie Nahikian at 724-8630.