School closings, long-and short-range goals and a four-year capital improvements program of more than $30.6 million are among the major topics of the Fairfax School Board is expected to review when it meets tonight at 8 in the cafeteria of the Robinson Secondary School.

One of the first items on the agenda is a proposed revision of the school closing process, which was examined by the school board last month and may be approved tonight. Several changes in the policy appear to be designed to forestall more of the criticism leveled at the board last spring after it voted to close seven elementary schools.

The new policy directs citizen advisory committees to come back to the school board (after three months of study) and recommend which schools to close. Last year, one such committee, recommended that no schools in its study area be closed. When the school board closed one of the schools anyway, a lawsuit ensued.

At the same time, the board will consider a capital improvements plan that proposes two new elementary schools (approved by the board last year, but still unfunded), additions to four schools and renovation of 12 schools and special education centers.

The proposal to be presented is not the same as the annual Five Year Capital Improvements Plan, which will come before the board in mid-December. Tonight's proposal covers the 1983-1984 school year and allows the school board to decide how to finance the proposed improvements.

The plan offers several options for financing construction, including a bond referendum next spring. Should the board opt to finance the improvements entirely with bond money, it would seek a $30.7 million bond issue and pledge not to see another referendum for two years.