Arthur North, 58, senior computer systems analyst with the Fairfax office of Automated Sciences Group, Inc. since August, died of cardiac arrest Nov. 16 at his home in Arlington.

Prior to joining Automated Sciences, he had worked for Information Spectrum, Inc. in Arlington for two years.

Mr. North was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. He attended Carnegie Institute of Technology prior to World War II and served with Army intelligence during the war. He earned a degree from Swarthmore College after the war and later studied accounting at Rutgers University, mathematics at the University of Maryland and economics at the University of Virginia.

He was an applications engineer in the industrial motors division of the Carrier Corporation in Jeanette, Pa., and then joined RCA in New Jersey as a programmer and later as a computer operations manager and methods specialist. He came to this area in 1961 to work for Farrington Electronics in Alexandria and a year later joined the U.S. Patent Office, where he implemented the Government Printing Office's computer-typeset publication.

From 1975 to 1977, he was with the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Advanced Statistics and Computer Applications Division.

Mr. North was named Inventor of the Month by Science Digest Magazine in 1965. He had written articles for several publications in his field.

Survivors include his wife, Elizabeth C., and three children, Gregory p., Christopher T. and Katherine E., all of Arlington, and two sisters, Vera Chilcott and Nancy Berry, both of Pittsburgh.