Maryland State Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein yesterday denied an allegation that he tried to prevent Leonard I. Colodny from obtaining a job with Montgomery County.

"I emphatically and categorically state that I have not intervened in any manner in the selection of officials in the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control as has recently been alleged," Goldstein said in a statement. "Nor have I intervened in any other department of government of Montgomery County."

Colodny, a consultant to the Department of Liquor Control from May until August, had applied for the job of deputy director of the Department of Liquor Control last year, but did not get it.

In a sworn deposition filed last week, Colodny said that Gerry Evans, an aide to County Executive Charles W. Gilchrist, phoned him last November and said, "Goldstein has called and said he does not want you to get this job. He has let [County liquor department head Robert] Passmore know that it could cause trouble for him if you were hired."

Colodny said Evans opened the conversation by asking if he could get a recommendation from Goldstein. When Colodny said he could not, Evans allegedly said Goldstein didn't want him to get the job.

Evans has denied telling Colodny that Golstein was opposed to his getting the job, although he admitted suggesting that Colodny get a recommendation from Goldstein.

In his statement, Goldstein also denied that he had ever said it would "cause trouble" for the county department if Colodny were hired.

Asked to comment yesterday on Goldstein's denial, Colodny said: "I stand by my deposition."