Two District of Columbia police officers interrupted their evening meal Monday to thwart an armed robbery at Jones Delicatessen at 4350 Texas Ave. Se. Three men were arrested and charged in the incident.

Officers Ernest Jones and Clarence Major, both uniformed officers attached to the 6th District, bought sandwiches at the shop and were eating them at tables in a back room at about 7:30 p.m. when they heard a voice say, "Open the register and give me all the money."

One officer peered around a corner and saw owner Alfred M. Jones and an employe with their arms extended over their heads.

Both officers left the shop through a side door, reentered through the front door and identified themselves as policemen. They said that one bandit, armed with a sawed-off shotgun, wheeled toward them. Each of the officers fired one shot at this man, who dropped his weapon. A second man, armed with a handgun, surrendered immediately. No one was hurt. A third man, believed to be a lookout, also was arrested.

All three suspects were charged with armed robbery. Milton J. Lucas, 18 identified as the suspected lookout, was released on personal recognizance. Ricardo Minnis, 18, and Michael Barnes, 21, were being held without bond.

Officers Jones and Major were working on overtime on a special tactical squad that is part of D.C. Police Chief Burtell M. Jefferson's plan to have "visibility patrols" of uniformed officers in high crime areas.