A Northwest Washington man has been convicted of raping five women during a five-month period ending last spring.

Warren A. Young, 22, of 33 K St. NW, was found guilty on Monday by a D.C. Superior Court jury of one count of rape and four counts of rape while armed and nine other charges, according to Assistant U.S. Atorney Richard L. Caplan, who prosecuted the case.

According to testimony and evidence presented at the 12-day trial, Young allegedly committed the offenses from October 1979 through March 1980 in seven different incidents in the District of Columbia.

The victims ranged in age from 16 to 23, and in one instance, according to testimony at the trial, Young allegedly assaulted two women at once. Besides the rape charges, Young was convicted of two counts of armed robbery, two counts of assault with intent to commit rape while armed, three counts of sodomy, and two other assault-related charges.

According to Young's attorney, Abraham C. Blitzer, Young's defense rested on his contention that there had been a misidentification by some witnesses and that a statement. Young allegedly made implicating himself in the crimes was "made under the influence of drugs and was a product of police coercion." Blitzer said that details in Young's statement, which only someone at the scene of the crimes could have known, were "fed to him" by police when he was arrested.