On Oct. 30, 1979, Annie Graffam of Thurmont, Md., bought, read and filed away a copy of The Star. I refer to the weekly tabloid that is circulated all over the country, not the fullsized Washington Star that is published here every day.

The reason Annie saved that issue was that it contained a big spread headlined "Ten Top Psychics Reveal Their Predictions for 1980." The article was labeled "Star Exclusive."

Annie realizes that 1980 is not yet over and that in the final month of the year many things can happen. But so far, she says, of the 105 predictions made in that article, only two have come true; that Muhammand Ali would come out of retirement and that Ronald Reagan would be the Republican candidate in 1980. (Incidently, not one of the 10 psychics predicted that Reagan would be elected president.)

I don't think it required psychic powers to predict either Ali's return to the ring or Reagan's nomination. Ali is a good bet to continue to come out of retirement periodically as long as somebody will pay him big bucks to do it. oAnd Reagan was the GOP favorite from the outset.

Personally, I'd hesitate to predict that tomorrow positively will be Saturday or that 1981 positively will follow 1980. Writers learn not to publish flat predictions because people save things that are written down on paper. When the published predidiction turns out to be false, or downright silly, readers send clippings to the writer and suggest that he eat his words. This can be embarrasing. It can also cause stomach distress.

Some of the more fascinating predictions for 1980 that were made by The Star's crackerjack psychics were:

"Steve McQueen will make a tremendous comeback when a new feature film gets glowing reviews."

"Bread could sell for $2 a loaf with riots in the streets."

"Attempts will be made to kill President Carter, Prime Minister Sadat and Ted Kennedy."

"NASA scientists will invent a machine that will enable us to overcome the force of gravity."

"Sen. Edward Kennedy will be the outstanding political leader of 1980."

"Friction between the Vactican and a communist regime in Italy will lead to a siege of the Vatican and the exiling the pope. A puppet pontiff will be installed."

"The U.S. election campaign will bring out extemists as never before. In large cities, there will be clashes in the streets between opposing factions."

"Space scientists (will) find evidence of a long-dead civilization on a planet in the solar system."

"In the autumn, a new compound will speed up the formulation of a new synthetic fuel."

"Sen. Ted Kennedy and Gov. Jerry Brown will have a close battle for the Democratic presidential nomination. Kennedy will win the presidency."

"The power of John Connally as a vote getter will find him in the White House in 1984, if not in 1980."

"The year 1980 will mark the start of a depression greater than that of 1929."

"Elizabeth Taylor will make the headlines in late 1979 or early 1980 when she leaves her husband."

"An earthquake will rock New York City."

"A new lens which will enable the totally blind to see will be invented."

"Sen. Howard Baker will be our next president."

"Life on Mars will be discovered."

"We will make contact with aliens from outer space during 1980."

"President Carter will announce at the last moment that he will not run for reelection."

"The auto industry will make a breakthrough with a battery that will enable a car to go 100,000 miles without recharging."

"We will experience another serious energy shortage. Many large cities will restrict their downtown areas to buses only."

"China and Russia will have a confrontation. War will be avoided with the intervention of the U.S."

"Ted Kennedy will be the guiding force behind the U.S. for the next eight years as our new president. Gov. Brown will emerge as a respected national figure."

"Johnny Carson will begin a new Tonight Show on another network."

Well, if all these things are really going to happen during 1980, December is going to be a whiz-bang of a news month. The biggest story of all may be President Carter's invasion of Mars and subsequent military coup.