A Fairfax County judge yesterday sentenced prominent McLean developer Frank Garland Eubank Jr. to concurrent seven- and 10-year prison terms and fined $1,000 for receiving stolen property.

Eubank, the 51-year-old self-made man who once served on the board of McLean Savings and Loan Association, the Northern Virginia Bank, and was an adviser to former agriculture secretary Earl S. Butz, had been convicted on three counts of receiving stolen property.

Fairfax police arrested Eubank Jan. 25 at his home in the county and said they recovered $15,000 in stolen goods that they later traced to 45 washington area burglaries.

In a statement before Circuit Court Judge Lewis D. Morris passed sentence Eubank maintained he was innocent. "I haven't done anything wrong. . . . I've tried to be a part of the community . . . the jury was wrong, and that will probably be proven in the court of appeals."

Eubank's defense lawyer, Lionel Richmond, confirmed that the verdicts will be appealed. Although Judge Morris said that there was "no doubt in my mind about the good you have done for the community," he nonetheless imposed the sentences recommended by the juries which had heard the cases.

Judge Morris suspended the execution of the sentence for 30 days pending Eubanks' appeal.