David I. Garris, accused slayer of Kathleen Boyden, denied yesterday that he killed the WMAL radio advertising executive at her Northwest Washington apartment last September.

Garris, a janitor at the Idaho Terrace apartment building at 3040 Idaho Ave. told a D.C. Superior Court jury he spent the evening and early morning hours the night Boyden was killed driving to various local bars and nightclubs, a roller rink, a friend's house, and ended up at his own home at 1812 Vernon St. NW.

Garris's wife, Dierde, also testified yesterday that her husband returned home about 3 a.m. on Sept. 18. Boyden's body was not found until Sept. 23, after she had been reported missing and police had found traces of blood in her apartment. Her battered and nude body was was found in the rear seat of her car parked in the 3400 block of 17th Street NW in the Mount Pleasant area of the city, about two miles from her home.

Earlier in the trial, Paul Inyang, the Idaho Terrace apartment night receptionist, had testified that he saw Garris pick up the keys to Boyden's apartment shortly before she returned home on Sept. 17. Boyden had been watching television with friends else where earlier that evening.

Yesterday Garris disputed Inyang's testimony.

"At any time on the right of Wednesday, Sept. 17, did you get some keys from Paul Inyang?" asked Garris's defense attorney, Christopher G. Hoge.

"No sir," Garris replied, "I did not."

Garris did acknowledge having a conversation with Inyang and a woman Garris later recognized as Boyden but said the conversation occurred one or two days before the slaying. Garris said that Boyden asked him for some assistance in fixing her apartment door. Garris said that he told Boyden to fill out the proper forms at the reception desk.

Garris, who took the stand in his own defense at what appears to be the conclusion of his two-week trial, said that the night Boyden was killed he had visited a roller rink, met with a female friend at around midnight, later drove to a Georgia Avenue nightclub where he played pinball and drank beer, then went to another nightclub and finally ended up at a sandwich shop near 18th Street and Columbia Road NW.

Garris said that he finally drove home few minutes before 3 a.m. where hiw wife braided his hair and he fell asleep.

Garris was asked by his attorney: "In the early morning hours, were you in Apartment 103 [at the Idaho Terrace apartments]?"

"No, sir," Garris replied.

Later, Hoge asked Garris, "Did you kill that woman?"

"No, sir," Garris said softly, shaking his head.

Garris also denied calling his former girlfriend, Renee Carter, the morning of the slaying, telling her he was going to bring her some items.

Carter had testified earlier at the trial she had been given a blood-stained shirt and other items by Garris the morning Boyden had been killed.

Garris' testimony in his trial before Judge Fred B. Ugast is expected to contiue today.