For the third time in less than two months, the Arlington School Board last week reaffirmed its decision to seek nearly $1.8 million for renovations at Washington-Lee High School. Under the plan, renovations would be made to a 28-year-old wing of the school that houses the science, home economics and physical education departments.

The school board has been asked repeatedly by the County Board to review the decision to determine if the renovation is necessary. The County Board contends that because of declining enrollments, the county's three high schools may be consolidated in future years and thus the renovation might not be needed. The County Board also has suggested a less expensive remodeling project.

Because of its position, the County Board has held up an application for a low-interest $1 million loan from the Virginia Literary Fund, which finances construction of renovation of public school facilities.

The school board, in a 4-1 vote reaffirming its position on the renovation, said the remaining $800,000 needed for the project could be drawn from a county appropriation and the school's own capital improvements fund over the next two fiscal years. The Literary Fund application cannot be processed until all sources of revenue for the project are identified.