Counting today, there are only three more days before we start a new year. With Christmas gone, many are now looking forward to 1981, and its promise of new beginnings.

Among those new beginnings will be the start of a brand new "built-in deficit" at Children's Hospital. Since 1870, Children's has been dedicated to the "gratuitous medical treatment of indigent children without regard to race or creed." Stated simply, for more than a century, Children's Hospital has provided free or low-cost medical treatment to needy children whether or not the patient's family can afford it.

If you're already pondering especially worthy New Year's resolutions, consider resolving to contribute a few dollars to Our Town's very own Children's Hospital. You won't be sorry!

Now is a good a time as any to dig your checkbooks out from under the piles of Christmas wrapping paper and give one more gift this year.

In the meantime, here are some comments from this morning's mail.

"We know this check for $5 is not very much, but after reading your article, my boyfriend and I decided to send $2.50 apiece. If everyone would 'just send a dollar' was how you got to us. We hope and pray that everyone will." So do I. Thanks!

One set of proud grandparents sent $10 "for our granddaughter, who to us is a '10.'" Another set gave $200, the amount they calculated "we would have paid, over and above what our insurance would have covered if he had been our dependent" after their grandson stayed at Children's.

A check for $300 brought this messages: "In memory of the men who died trying to rescue the American hostages in Iran."

Finally, the big bonus in the private, never mentioned by name, individual contribution category was a check for $1,997. The accompanying said:

"Enclosed is our check for Children's Hospital -- for all the many kind and wonderful things the hospital and the staff do to treat all the little ones. Much love to the children."

Big news! Today a total of $4,478.97 was received from 72 anonymous District Liners. That's a real boost for our sagging campaign. Last week I mentioned that we're slipping behind the pace this year and need help.

So, you're heard the big news and the bad news. Now here's some good news from area groups and employers.

A check for $10 arrived, courtesy of the Angalee DeForset Studio/Gallery. Sending $25 was the "Military Order of the Cootie of the U.S. All-Fouled-Up Auxiliary No. 5." Another $25 came from "a new Marine wives who often 'go down' at bridge at the rate of a penny a trick."

Office employes of Eastern Motor Transport Inc.'s Fairfax terminal contributed $30 in lieu of sending Christmas cards to all "our dedicated, hardworking drivers, our mechanics, and their families." A check for $38 came from JRB Associates Inc.'s Energy Management Group.

Two checks for $45 survived the pipeline, one from the folks at E&J Swigart Co. in Silver Spring, the other from "the 'girls' in their 70s who stopped hunting for and giving not-needed gifts and derive so much satisfaction out of giving to Children's.

Two checks for $100 also came in. Rodgers & Associates Inc. of Rockville sent one, and the other came from PRG Group Ltd., also of Rockville.

The management of Washington's TeleSec Temporary Services, "to thank our customers and devoted temporary staff . . . are making donations to good causes." They sent $500, and mentioned that their employes have their own separate drive, which they promised we'll hear from.

"Too bad only the Feds are allowed to decide how much money they need and then crank up the printing presses to cover the tab," wrote friends of the children over at The Heritage Foundation. "If we could do the same, we would be enclosing much, much more." They sent $851!"

Finally, for the tenth year in a row, the "Santa Claus et al" group of the American Council of Life Insurance came through in a really big way, collecting $1,253 for Children's in lieu of greeting card exchanges.

Those dozen groups added $3,022, which, when combined with the $4,478.97 previously mentioned, gives us a figure of $7,509.97 for this morning. Inasmuch as the shoebox held $57,640.61 on Saturday, it stands to reason that it must now contain $65,141.58. Till tomorrow!