Once every 50 hours. On a rainy autumn morning, at a high school assembly in Northeast Washington, five boys take turns admiring and passing from hand to hand a small-caliber pistol that has been smuggled into school. Suddenly, the gun goes off. A bullet explodes out of the gun chamber and rips through the heart of a 16-year-old boy. He collapses onto the gymnasium floor, dead. Late on a hot summer night, a weary construction worker trudges home from the bus stop after attending a night school computer class in Baltimore.Two men, one holding a pistol to his temple, corner him two blocks from his Prince George's County home and demand his wallet. The worker screams, tries to fight, tries to flee -- but is killed. On a cold, snowy night a security guard in a Southeast hamburger carryout attempts to evict two men from the cafe after they are heard cursing the manager. One of them grabs the guard's gun, shoots him twice -- once in the stomach, once in the face -- and he dies, instantly. Once every 50 hours in 1980, in Washington and the suburbs, one of us was shot and killed. The faces on this page represent a broad cross section of the 175 men, women and children -- our neighbors -- who were killed by guns this year. There is little to contrast their lives, which ended, with ours, which go on. They were doctors, jewelry store owners, joggers, clotheirs, students, service-station attendants and laborers. They were husbands, wives, sons and daughters, left lifeless in the brutal aftermath of domestic arguments, holdups, muggings, break-ins and fist fights. They lived on streets such as Massachusetts Avenue and 14th Street, Benning and Good Hope roads. A few were rich; a few were penniless; some led rough and desperate lives on the streets. But most were like the rest of us, sharing the everyday pain and wonder of everyday human lives. Until a gun, a finger on a trigger, and a bullet ended it all. Some of 1980s victims left no addresses or telephone numbers, and relatives and snapshots were impossible to find. Some surviving relatives, still mourning their loss, quietly declined to provide photographs. "I'm standing ten feet from his ashes," recalled the best friend of one victim, who was killed during a street holdup. "And I'm telling you he owned handguns until the day he died. He wouldn't want it any other way." "Yeah, sure, I'll give you a picture of him," said the mother of a 19-year-old Suitland student who was shot down last spring after a schoolyard fight. "It wouldn't bother me one bit if the government went and took all the guns in the country and melted them down to nothing." In halting English, in Southeast Washington, the Spanish-speaking mother of 37-year-old Daniel Borrero, who was killed by a friend during an argument at his home, eagerly said, yes, she would look around the apartment for an appropriate photograph. A day later she called back and in a tearful voice apologized. "I'm sorry," she said. "I don't have a picture." Once every 50 hours. We are killing ourselves with guns. For this project which began three weeks ago, The Post contacted police officials in Washington and the suburbs and received from them lists of 1980 gun victims. The lists from D.C., Maryland and Virginia included the name, residence, date and location of death of each victim. Black, white, old, young -- all were victims in 1980. The victims' average age was 30.3 years. The youngest was a 5-year-old Prince George's County girl who was killed in an accident at home. The oldest was a 72-year-old man who was gunned down in an attempted District holdup as he and his wife were attempting to board a taxi. There were shooting deaths for every month of the year, though some months were more violent than others. Shootings were fairly rare in June, a month that accounted for just five of the deaths. November, in contrast, was rife with shootings, as 22 people were killed. Autumn, in fact, was the most violent season of all. Of the 175 people on these pages, 61 lost their lives in the fall, 40 in winter, 35 in spring, and 39 in summer. Geographically, the District had 105 killings, Prince George's County had 32, Northern Virginia was next with 25, and Montgomery County suffered 13. This project was begun shortly before the shooting deaths of Washington physician Michael Halberstam and musician John Lennon.Though their deaths sparked the research, the purpose of the project was to remember all of our neighbors who were victims of guns, regardless of age or endeavor. The investigation of these shootings and the search for victims' photographs required the work of 25 reporters and an equal number of messengers. In more cases than not, the victims left no permanent address or telephone number, or their relatives had moved and left no forwarding addresses or numbers, or had changed their phones to unlisted numbers. In many cases, with only an old address to go by, reporters canvassed neighborhoods for relatives or friends, or friends of friends, who might know where to go and from whom to obtain a photograph. For every photograph shown here, there is a story about life that goes far beyond guns or bullets. Lacking a telephone number, one reporter went to southeast Washington and met the mother of a 19-year-old youth who was gunned down by a man who was his best friend since childhood. The mother, to ease her grief, kept her only two photographs of her son out of sight, beneath a mattress. Another reporter, with little information to go on, went to Shaw, to 4th and U Streets, N.W., to interview the mother of a 20-year-old man who was killed in a holdup. She said her son was "my baby, a good kid really," who only happened to fall in with a bad crowd. When he was living, she said, there was a record she used to play for him. "His song," she called it. The song, sung by The Whispers, was a Christmas ode to late musician Donnie Hathaway entitled "A Song for Donnie." She didn't play the song once in the six months since the death of her son. Then, at a Christmas party recently, the record was played. She listened for a moment, then left the party, crying into the night. NO PHOTOGRAPHS WERE AVAILABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING VICTIMS: January 1, Richard Washington, 38 January 11, Robert Douglass, 50 January 14, Mary Jackson, 37 January 17, Matilda Nesbitt, 35 January 21, Frank Hammond, 23 January 22, Marshall Webb Jr., 27 January 31, Robert Smith, 49 February 1, Daniel Pearson, 31 February 21, Charles Scott, 35 March 6, Barbara Wells, 29 March 18, Mark Dennis, 19 April 13, Leroy Gray, 44 April 20, Robert Blount, 27 April 23, Timothy N. Cooper, 22 April 29, Earl C. Schrertz, 23 May 4, Teresa Daniels, 32 May 6, Burt Spence, 46 May 9, Robert Plowden, 22 May 15, Cornell Mathis, 22 May 15, Julius Kinnard, 23 May 16, Alonzo Taylor, 31 May 26, Courtney Whitten, 30 May 26, William Walker, 56 May 31, Charles Spell, 40 June 29, Vincent Gibson, 23 June 29, Mary Wells, 50 July 8, Grover Glass, 24 July 8, Gary Cook, 29 July 14, Edward Ross, 30 July 16, Wendell Wray, 23 August 3, Donald Lee Thompson, 28 August 6, John Jones, 26 August 8, Joseph Washington 38 August 12, Naomi White, 24 August 19, Earline Nicks, 39 August 20, Angray McKay, 42 August 20, Melody Isler, 19 August 28, Leon Ruffin, 54 September 6, Adrian Turner, 35 September 6, Daniel Borrero, 37 September 8, Percell Johnson, 45 September 10, Adrian Precia, 16 September 17, Fred Morrow, 37 September 21, Randy Croom, 28 October 4, Frederick McCain, 37 October 4, Conway Jones, 24 October 15, Edwin James Smith, 30 October 15, Carolyn Koutsos, 30 October 20, Maurice Johnson, 24 October 22, Gregory Shaw, 26 October 29, Grover Lee Carter, 42 October 29, Joyce Ann Badgeley, 25 November 8, Gloria Goodwin, 29 November 10, Carlos Chavez, 30 November 19, Horace Boston, 26 November 21, Dewayne Hartless, 16 November 22, Leon Merriweather, 23 November 24, Allan Soboloweski, 29 November 24, Betty Ann Johnson, 25 December 4, Dewayne Thomas, 20 December 6, Fitzgerald Giles, 15 December 6, Tyrone Reese, 22 December 8, Louis Shorter, 19 December 9, Ada Harris, 25 December 29, Keith Overtone, 18 December 29, Mamie Cashwell, 66 December 29, Charles Henry Ford, 23 CAPTION: Illustration, no caption; Picture 1, Jan. 1. FREDERICK BURHANS, 36, killed during gunfight in Fairfax City.; Picture 2, Jan. 23. WILLIAM DEVEREAUX, 37, patent attorney, shot and killed as he was being robbed in Meridian Hill Park.; Picture 3, Feb. 18. RICK CIAVARELLA, 26, construction worker, shot as he stepped out of his Silver Spring apartment to assist a woman.; Picture 4, March 10. CEDRICK GREGORY, 26, motel clerk, robbed and killed as he was leaving a nightclub on 13th Street NW.; Picture 5, May 13. JERRY WADE, 31, law school student, shot by someone who knocked on the door of his Landover apartment.; Picture 6, June 8. JACK A. WALKER, 27, killed during an argument at a Fairfax party.; Picture 7, July 17. RUSSELL BEST, 22, killed in front of apartment on Meigs Place NE.; Picture 8, Aug. 9. DUANE WALDROP, 25, lab technician, shot on the front steps of the 36th Street NW apartment building where he lived.; Picture 9, Sept. 6. RISDEN FOUNTAIN, 24, shot by police after threatening their lives at his home on Volta Place NW.; Picture 10, Sept. 20. LEONARD DIGGS, 29, shot during an argument with friend on Stanton Terrace SE.; Picture 11, Jan. 1. WILLIAM V. SITKO, 29, painter, killed during gunfight in Fairfax City.; Picture 12, Jan. 24. SHAWN BETTER, 16, Ballou High School junior, found shot in head in a South Capitol Street parking lot.; Picture 13, Feb. 25. ALLAN ROSENBLATT, 23, liquor store manager shot by robber at the store on Kentucky Avenue.; Picture 14, April 12. RUSSELL BLAND, 27, killed during argument at party on Quincy Street NW.; Picture 15, May 15. HENRY BROWN JR., 31, Vietnam veteran, killed during confrontation with police officer outside his Hyattsville apartment.; Picture 16, July 5. ROLAND OLNEY, 43, shot in chest during argument with youth on Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE.; Picture 17, July 17. JAMES EDMONDS, 28, shot in front of home on N Street NW.; Picture 18, Aug. 14. CALVIN SMITH, 26, killed inside home on Irving Street NE.; Picture 19, Sept. 15. VICTORIA HADDAD, restaurant owner, killed during family quarrel in Fairfax County.; Picture 20, Sept. 20. RANDY MOSKOWITZ, 16, Northwestern H.S. junior, killed going from school to Pizza Parlor.; Picture 21, Jan. 7. EARL S. MATTHEWS, 32, found on a Southeast Washington playground with three bullet holes in his chest.; Picture 22, Feb. 2. ANTONIO M. KELSEY, 22, Prince George's County police officer, shot and killed as he was attempting to apprehend a robber.; Picture 23, March 1. WILLIAM BELL, 19, gas station attendant in Southeast Washington, killed after he refused to turn over cash to robbers.; Picture 24, April 14. JOHN D. CLAY, 38, cabdriver, killed during argument in his building on 10th Street NE.; Picture 25, May 21. KENNETH SMITH, 20, shot by two men who were robbing his friend's home on 8th Street NW.; Picture 26, July 8. UNIT CROSSLEY, 72, killed by robber as he and his wife were leaving their home on S Street SE.; Picture 27, July 20. ALFRED STECK, 30, sculptor, killed by a robber in the elevator of his Silver Spring highrise apartment building.; Picture 28, Aug. 15, NOEL PARKER, 19, student, shot and robbed on Good Hope Road SE by someone who he thought was his best friend.; Picture 29, Sept. 16. PATRICIA CHACONAS, 25, hairdresser, killed in her Montgomery County apartment.; Picture 30, Sept. 22. WALTER D. MASON, 41, subway mechanic, killed in front of building on 3rd Street SE.; Picture 31, Jan. 11. GEORGE I. COAXUM, 32, Secret Service officer, shot in neck during robbery outside a Northwest Washington restaurant.; Picture 32, Feb. 3. JAMES D. SIMMS, 53, railroad employe, shot by robber as he was walking home from the store on H Street NE.; Picture 33, March 6. GARY L. ROUSE, 27, shot and killed in Prince George's County.; Picture 34, April 14. CHARLES E. FRITZ JR., 17, shot by driver of car he had thrown bottle at in Prince George's County.; Picture 35, May 23. DOUGLAS BONEY, Lorton inmate apparently assassinated by several men who stormed the institution late that night.; Picture 36, July 14. FREDERICK FRIZZELL, 33, killed in Prince George's County.; Picture 37, July 22. ALI TABATABAI, 49, Iranian exile leader, assassinated in the doorway of his Bethesda home; Picture 38, Aug. 24. VIVIAN CARTER, 26, killed during argument with boyfriend in her Fairfax apartment.; Picture 39, Sept. 17. WILLIAM TUMARKIN, 25, mechanic, found dead in his Annandale home.; Picture 40, Sept. 22. GRAFTON P. PLATER, 35, engineer, shot while driving down the street with his girlfriend.; Picture 41, Jan. 16. MARTIN GARCIA, 24, American University student, shot in stomach by one of four strangers in a car.; Picture 42, Feb. 11. ARTHUR P. SNYDER, 29, District police officer, killed while attempting to make a drug arrest.; Picture 43, March 6. GERMAN R. MALARIN, 38, church caretaker, shot by two teen-agers who entered his Alexandria apartment.; Picture 44, May 3. JOSEPH HOUNSHELL, 43, shot in front of home on Newton Street NW.; Picture 45, May 29. CLIFFORD HARRIS, 48, killed during altercation on O Street NW.; Picture 46, July 14. ROBERT J. FOSTER, 24, killed on the 400 block of Ridge Street NW.; Picture 47, July 30. BARBARA McCORD, 21, killed by boyfriend in Montgomery County.; Picture 48, Aug. 28. CAROL ANN DODD, 35, killed by robber as she was working at optician's shop in Old Town section of Alexandria.; Picture 49, Sept. 17. MARIAN SHEETS, 33, waitress, found along with Tumarkin in the Annandale home.; Picture 50, Sept. 27. REGINALD NOLAN, 23, killed on 7th Street SE.; Picture 51, Jan. 16. STANLEY HALL, 35, shot in the stomach while standing at the corner of 9th and U. streets NW.; Picture 52, Feb. 14. MICHAEL ETHERIDGE, 31, killed as he was attempting to prevent someone from harming his girlfriend.; Picture 53, March 8. GUY ALLEN MELTON, 28, subway mechanic, killed when he attemptted to aid an Arlington woman.; Picture 54, May 4. JAMES HILL, 52, Grocer, shot during quarrel with man outside his Northeast Washington market.; Picture 55, June 5. IRENE YASKOVICH, 48, community activist, shot by an unknown sniper while sitting at the table of her Wheaton home.; Picture 56, July 14. TERRY G. BLACKSTOCK, 28, developer, bullet-riddled body found in woods in Lorton area.; Picture 57, July 31. HORATIO BROOKS, 19, diesel engineering student, killed during a playground fight at 8th and Xenia SE.; Picture 58, Aug. 31. BILLY J. WHITE II, 16, student, killed at the corner of 15th Street and Carolina Avenue SE.; Picture 59, Sept. 17. LYNDA HUMPHREYS, real estate broker, killed by her husband on the same day that he had purchased the gun.; Picture 60, Oct. 6. RANDALL BRUNO, 33, construction worker, killed by robbers as he was walking from bus stop to his Hillcrest Heights home.; Picture 61, Jan. 20. CARL LANE, 64, Georgia Avenue haberdasher, shot in the head as he was leaving his store for the day.; Picture 62, Feb. 14. BRUCE WAZON GRIFFITH, 27, a victim of his own violent nature, shot by police as the suspected killer of officer Snyder.; Picture 63, March 8. GARY GREEN, 22, found in rural Prince George's County woods with several bullets in his head.; Picture 64, May 13. WILLIAM MATTHEWS, 21, shot in chest by stranger after answering a knock on his apartment door.; Picture 65, June 7. JULIE J. NICHOLAS, 21, legal secretary, killed during argument with a boyfriend in Beltsville.; Picture 66, July 15. ALFRED B. RHYNE, 34, Postal Service employe, killed during argument with friend in Prince George's County.; Picture 67, Aug. 8. LEOTIS HUGHES, 52, killed inside 462 K Street NW.; Picture 68, Sept. 1. THOMAS CURTIS, 17, student at Wheaton High School, killed as he was trying to protect his sister from a gang attack.; Picture 69, Sept. 17. MARVIN HUMPHREYS, 44, state department official, killed himself after murdering his wife.; Picture 70, Oct. 7. JAMES KENNETH TATE, 26, security guard, killed at the Environmental Protection Agency building on M Street NW.; Picture 71, Oct. 7. CONSTANCE C. MELLON, 36, production executive killed by assailant who entered her Alexandria townhouse.; Picture 72, Nov. 2.THERESA F. ADKINS, 55, nurse, killed as she was walking through parking lot toward her car.; Picture 73, Nov. 7. DAVID MONROE, 19, student, killed while standing behind a building on 60th Street NE.; Picture 74, Nov. 10. SHELLEY MOYE, 18, killed during dispute on O Street NW.; Picture 75, Nov. 27. DAVID SEATON, 15, student at DuVal High School shot as he sat in friend's pickup truck at First Street and Michigan Avenue.; Picture 76, Dec. 4. GEORGE MARTIN SMITH, 45, gas station attendant, died of gunshot wounds sustained during robbery of his station.; Picture 77, Dec. 15. MICHAEL HOFFMANN, 20, stockroom clerk, body found in shallow stream in southern Price George's County.; Picture 78, Oct. 11. JOHN MARKENKA, 39, sales clerk, killed at a barbershop in Seabrook where he was visiting a friend.; Picture 79, Nov. 2. YOLANDA WARD, 22, housing activist, killed during a robbery when she and friends were walking down Gainesville Street SE.; Picture 80, Nov. 8. REYNALDO MENENDEZ, 28, construction worker, shot during dispute on Evansadale Drive in Adelphi.; Picture 81, Nov. 10. JAMES R. EDWARDS, 30, shot by an acquaintance in Montgomery County.; Picture 82, Nov. 28. FREDERICK FISHMAN, 71, killed in the driveway of his Silver Spring home.; Picture 83, Dec. 5. MICHAEL HALBERSTAM, 48, cardiologist, shot when he encountered a burglar in his Battery Place NW home.; Picture 84, Dec. 22. MICHAEL W. STORY, 24, house painter, killed in dispute at friend's house in Arlington.; Picture 85, Oct. 18. CHARLES BEASLEY, 20, killed on Good Hope Road SE.; Picture 86, Nov. 5, CHARLES LUCAS, 22, killed by unknown assailant who robbed a crap game on 25th Street SE.; Picture 87, Nov. 9. RONALD P. SCHATZ, 20, killed by three men as he was leaving a convenience store in Prince George's County.; Picture 88, Nov. 11. GONANZO MILES, shot by unknown assaliant as he was sleeping in his Montgomery County apartment.; Picture 89, Nov. 29. DARNELL PLATER, 16, junior at Ballou High School, killed as he was walking home with Christmas presents.; Picture 90, Dec. 8. JOHN BOWEN, 30, florist, killed in a Washington bank when he pulled his own gun in an attempt to stop a robber.; Picture 91, Dec. 23. PENDLETON L. WILSON, 28, photographer, found dead in his car on 10th Street NW, a bullet in his head.; Picture 92, Oct. 28. GARETT K. RUSSELL, 25, file clerk, killed inside apartment on Spring Place NW.; Picture 93, Nov. 6. RONALD SOUTHERLAND, 26, construction worker, shot in neck while leaving a store in Prince George's County.; Picture 94, Nov. 10. JOHN W. DURANT, 30, killed during dispute in Prince George's County.; Picture 95, Nov. 15. HARRY H. JOHNSON, 30 dragged out of his car by three men in Prince George's County and shot to death.; Picture 96, Dec. 4. KEVIN WILLIAMS, 18, killed in Prince George's County.; Picture 97, Dec. 8. ANTHONY SEGO, mechanic, killed in his Montgomery County home by a robber.; Picture 98, Dec. 28. PETER H. BURTON, 25, messenger and musician, shot by burglars as he returned to his Mount Pleasant home.; Picture 99, Oct. 30. JAMES L. CHEEKS, 20, killed during argument with acquaintance in Alexandria.; Picture 100, Oct. 30. MELVIN RICE, 25, found shot to death on grounds of Walter Reed Army Hospital, where he worked as a security guard.; Picture 101, Oct. 31. MARK WARREN, 17, robbed and killed by two men wearing Holloween masks near Clay Terrace NE.