How are people spending New Year's Eve and Day?

Howard Smith, Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk: "New Year's Eve? Partying. New Year's Day? Soberin' up."

Montgomery County Chief of Police Bernard J. Crooke: "New Year's Eve? Probably something I'll regret on New Year's Day."

Judy Stone, director of Montgomery County Women's Commission: "Getting married."

A 73-year-old Rockville man who declined to be identified: "Taking my wife back to a certain hotel where we spent our honeymoon."

Montgomery County Executive Charles W. Gilchrist: "Driving my son back to college."

Leonard Colodny, former consultant to Montgomery County's liquor control department who accuses the Gilchrist administration of improperly offering him two merit system jobs: "Very, very quietly."

Prince George's County Executive Lawrence Hogan: Going skiing with his family at the Seven Springs ski resort in Pennsylvania.

Sen. Tommie Broadwater: "I'll be working at the Ebony Inn (his Fairmont Heights nightclub) helping people to bring in the New Year and calling my wife."

Prince George's County School Board Chairman Jo Ann Bell: "Regardless of where I am or who I am with, I'm always with Joe (her husband). The first thing I do at midnight is grab Joe."