The Virginia General Assembly opened its 1981 session this week. Northern Virginia is represented by eight senators and 19 delegates. The guide on this page lists all the Northern Virginia representatives to the General Assembly, the district they represent and their party affiliation. To aid residents in contacting their representatives, the guide includes each legislator's Northern Virginia telephone number and the number where each legislator may be reached in Richmond. The area code of all Richmond numbers is 804. The House 18th District JOHN S. BUCKLEY Republican Telephone: 938-0375 In Ricblican Telephone: 827-0164 In Richmond: 786-6892 18th District VINCENT F. CALLAHAN Republican Telephone: 356-1925 In Richmond: 786-6991 18th District DOROTHY S. McDIARMID Democrat Telephone: 938-2700 In Richmond: 786-6505 18th District MARTIN H. PERPER Republican Telephone: 827-0164 In Richmond: 786-6892 18th District JOHN H. RUSH JR. Republican Telephone 273-2220 In Richmond: 786-6504 19th District WARREN E. BARRY Republican Telephone: 451-0800 In Richmond: 786-6804 19th District JAMES H. DILLARD Republican Telephone: 323-7354 In Richmond: 786-7103 19th District ROBERT E. HARRIS Republican Telephone: 685-2532 In Richmond: 786-7203 19th District GLADYS B. KEATING Democrat Telephone: 971-3571 In Richmond: 786-7294 19th District LAWRENCE D. PRATT Republican Telephone: 823-1188 In Richmond: 786-6718 20th District FLOYD C. BAGLEY Democrat Telephone: 221-2168 In Richmond: 786-1617 20th District EARL E. BELL Democrat Telephone: 777-2800 or 777-6660 In Richmond: 786-6993 20th District DAVID G. BRICKLEY Democrat Telephone: 569-2030 In Richmond: 786-6994 21st District BERNARD S. COHEN Democrat Telephone: 836-8819 In Richmond: 786-7253 21st District DAVID G. SPECK Republican Telephone: 683-4300 or 549-5770 In Richmond: 786-6719 JAMES F. ALMOND Democrat Telephone: 524-9700 In Richmond: 786-6893 22nd District MARY A. MARSHALL Democrat Telephone: 528-1710 In Richmond: 786-6894 22nd District WARREN G. STAMBAUGH Democrat Telephone: 527-0824 In Richmond: 786-7206 23rd District ELISE B. HEINZ Democrat Telephone: 527-5144 In Richmond: 786-7200 The Senate 29th District CHARLES J. COLGAN Democrat Telephone: 368-9101 In Richmond: 786-6987 30th District WILEY F. MITCHELL Republican Telephone: 628-2207 In Richmond: 786-6074 31st District EDWARD M. HOLLAND Democrat Telephone: 528-4505 In Richmond: 786-6882 32nd District CLIVE L. DUVAL II Democrat Telephone: 525-4000 In Richmond: 786-7187 33rd District CHARLES L. WADDELL Democrat Telephone: 430-2466 In Richmond: 786-6881 34th District ADELARD L. BRAULT Democrat Telephone: 273-6400 In Richmond: 786-7396 35th District RICHARD L. SASLAW Democrat Telephone: 978-3790 In Richmond: 786-7391 36th District JOSEPH V. GARTLAN JR. Democrat Telephone: 833-3700 In Richmond: 786-6691