Two Alexandria Republicans announced last week they will seek their party's nominations for the city's two seats in the state House of Delegates.

Betty McCann and Robert Hammerman will oppose freshman Del. David Speck for the party's two nominations in a primary proceding the November elections.

McCann was a legislative assistant to former U.S. representative Joel Broyhill for 18 years and to former U.S. senator William Scott for seven years. He currently is a political consultant for a national optical firm.

The 51-year-old party activist lost previous bids for a delegate's seat in the 1979 primary and a U.S. House seat in 1976.

Hammerman, 46, is a self-employed condominium consultant and is vice president of the Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations. He was unsuccessful in a 1979 City Council race.

Both candidates said they plan to campaign on a platform of reducing state interference in city matters.

McCann said her two major concerns are increasing the amount of state revenue returned to the city and reducing overlapping state programs.

"The General Assembly creates too many projects where it doesn't go back to check how they are working, or whether the same services are being provided somewhere else," McCann said.

Reducing state regulation of business practices tops Hammerman's list of proposed revisions.

"There are too many regulations in certain areas that are putting a damper on business in the city. It is only through growth and development in the private sector that the city and commonwealth will be more stable and less dependent upon the federal government," Hammerman said.

Both candidates said they support the Equal Rights Amendment, but only McCann expressed support for gun-control legislation.