Inauguration Day, tomorrow, is a holiday for most of the 350,000 metro area federal workers. But not everybody. What you will be doing Tuesday depends on where you work, not where you live. Example:

If home is Baltimore, Harpers Ferry, Easton or Annapolis and you commute to your job in Washington, you get the day off. But if you live next door to the White House but happen to work at Social Security in Baltimore, or with the Navy in southern Maryland, you go to work Tuesday.

According to federal regulations, only government employes who work in portions of metro Washington get Inauguration Day off. That means you must work in the District, Montgomery or Prince George's counties in Maryland, or in Arlington or Fairfax counties in Virginia, or Falls Church to qualify for the day off. If you work outside of those areas -- even if you live in them -- then Tuesday is just another workday.

If Tuesday is your regular day off, you will not get a compensatory day for Inaugural Day. The same applies if you are on travel status for Uncle Sam on Jan. 20. Even if your colleagues here have the day off, you will have to work.